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Introducing: Happy Hippo Pal

Please welcome the Happy Hippo Pal ita bag! He really wants to carry your stuff! He's themed in all pink, with pink insides, straps and insert.

Each bag will be £60 GBP plus shipping.

Happy Hippo Pal features: 

  • 3 inner pockets, 1 rear pocket, 1 main pocket and 1 pin pocket

  • Clear vinyl window to display pins

  • Includes pink insert with velcro to secure 

  • Can be worn as a crossbody bag or backpack

  • Shiny star shaped zippers

  • 2 strap sets (1 per style)

  • Easily fits a wallet, switch, and more!

  • Measures 30cm tall by 10cm deep

Production time will be 4 - 6 months after pre-orders close and will ship from here in the UK. Happy Hippo Pal is a big passion project for me and I am so excited to bring him to fellow pink hippo lovers. 

Rough shipping guide (all inc. tracking): 

Within UK: £5.55
Europe: £14.30
USA: £27.00
Australia: £24.00
Elsewhere: £22.15

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