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Commissioning Me:

By commissioning Sewpoke you agree to abide by the terms of service as set out on this page. Payment for plushes is always due up front, in full, before any work will be started. The cost of postage is then due upon completion of the plush (with the exception of small plushes where the postage cost is specified at the time of purchase). There is no option for collecting plushes in person unless at a convention. I retain the right to refuse or cancel a commission for any reason at any time and refund any payments. 

You are entitled to a full refund at any time up until work has started on the plush. If you specify a fabric choice that is different to any usual fabric I may use or have in stock, no refund will be offered for the cost price of the fabric, unless at my discretion (this includes but is not limited to faux fur, specially dyed minky, velboa, etc.) Once work has started on your plush, no refund can be offered, unless at my discretion. 


Unless specified, I will choose the most appropriate colour/s of fabric, thread or paint for the commission. With the exception of extreme errors on my part, plushes will not be altered once completed because of colours. Fabric does not come in every colour, and in some cases an exact match is not possible. For shoulderpets and tsumtsum plushes, unless specified the thread colour on the eyes will be black.

You are responsible for the cost of posting your commission. Postage cost is due on completion. I will not charge you more than it will cost me to post the item. Once an item is posted, it is no longer my responsibility. I will only ever offer replacement for items lost in the post, refunds will not be issued under any circumstance. If your plush has gone missing, let me know no more than 6 months after the postage date. 


If a deadline is specified at the time of purchase and is more than 2 weeks for small plushes or 4 weeks for large plushes ahead of time, I will make sure the plush is delivered on time. You will be responsible for postage and you may be asked to pay for an express delivery to assure the plush is delivered. I retain the right to refuse any deadline for any reason. 

Broken Plushes:

I offer a lifetime repair service for all plushes, until the time Sewpoke ceases business. You will be responsible for the cost of posting the plush to me for repair, and also for the postage to return it to you. I retain the right to refuse any repair for any reason. I will not repair plushes that have been deliberately damaged or improperly treated. I will not repair plushes that are excessively dirty. If a plush is lost in the post on the way to me for repair, I am unable to offer any kind of compensation. I do not offer a service to clean plushes. 



Terms of Service:

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